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Sutafi Stufful
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
name: call me Sutafi or weeaboo-chan or whatever idontcare
gender: female
sexuality: idk man like gay or something
other: the only thing i do is cookie run n vine n make cookie run vines but lately ive been getting back into pokemon. also the only thing i ever listen to/ sing is vocaloid n edgy 2012 songs


hey does anyone wanna collab ?? owob
im thinking of doin the time lapse meme but I could really do anything
if you wanna uhm message me on discord im sutafi#3888
also friendly reminder that my icon on discord is cherry blossom but gay
so people always wonder how people figure out how to do things like get full-sized images of pictures or find deleted pictures, in ways that are either pretty complex or pretty unlikely to find
i was actually the person who found out how to view full-sized images of deleted deviations after they've been deleted from the cache, and presumably the internet. prolly not the first/ only person, but i rarely see it talked about, and by rarely i mean never
so if you have this question and would like an answer from someone who has done it: i completely forgot how i figured it out and wonder the same thing rip
today my friend said she was gay
im pretty sure they don't even take me seriously anymore
all I smell is medicine
all I feel is pain
i was just thinking
wtf could also be used as well that's fantastic
because you usually say what the fk when something stupid happens
and you usually say well that's fantastic when something stupid happens
also if you start using this, wtf just credit me
deviantart has a limited amount of space for ads for a rEASON because any bigger ads cover the favorite and download buttons
so why the hellck are all the ads i get more than twice as big as the limit, disabling me from faving or downloading
the ice cream truck came by and played for like 10 minutes and now my headache is worse
i was looking on deviantart and a piece of art reminded me of another artist so i looked up that artist and their art made me remember my old instagram
loh boye so i have a lot to say like 10 pounds of memories flooded back
but im not gonna say eVERYTHING so heres a few stupid things i remember
- first of all, one time this person was doing a shine pokemon giveaway ( because i joined those ) and they said something, i completely forgot everything that happened except that i got really frickin triggered and made a post ranting about them, then immediately deleted it. wish id have it saved somewhere or have a better memory for these kinds of things because im genuinely curious, especially since i got mad over the absolute stupidest things at the time so it was probably be something laughably hilarious to get mad over
- the other thing is that i was in a group chat with a few people, i would always do hlkshnkjsdfhajkfkabhjkshfjd, i still do, but i forgot if i did it completely randomly at annoying times, or if i used it in context like how i do now. either way, someone got mad at me. after that i forget exactly what happened, but i do remember that they ended up kicking me out of the group chat, and the owner also said something like 'i always hated you wynaut [what i went by] but now i can finally block your annoying ass 😂' ( yes they did add the emoji ). i did find some messages i sent to someone about it saying that they said other things to me like that nobody cared about me and my failed shine hunting attempts, and i vaguely remember them saying kys in creative ways, but idk anymore its just a blur, all i remember is being in a group chat, me saying something that set them off, them starting saying mean things to me, the last message the owner sent, them kicking me out, and me crying for like 2 hours
fun fact: a few of my ocs have backstories that im not revealing to the public because of reasons wink wnok
im not completely changing them for the public, im just not revealing like half of it so the ocs end up having extremely vague backstories
- my computer icon is a photo of bella
- my contact icon is a different photo bella
- deviantart: Multi doing the owo
- alt deviantart: flareon sprite
- youtube/ g+: Kaily being suggestive
- alt youtube/ g+: herb cookie
- old cringy g+: an old drawing of this oc i had in like 2014
- school email: Kitty
- old school email: Multi but shine
- quotev @ stufful: Patrick star
- quotev @ nuikoguma: ash's pikachu but after it was put into a blender
- quotev @ shuckie: shuckles gen 2 shine sprite
- quotev @ vanillite: an old picture of Sutafi from 2016
- quotev @ silveryio: a watermelon
- all my pokepasta plz quotevs: a sprite edit of that character
- all my other alt quotevs: nothing i never bothered giving them an icon
- tumblr: an orange face
- Emi's askblog: shine cinccino sprite
- Demon's askblog: shine cleffa sprite
- all my other tumblrs: i never bothered giving them an icon
- sarahah: an old doodle of Sutafi
- rw-cursor: a comic of Silver and malk
- charahub: a drawing of Silver for a palette thing
- toyhouse: a doodle of a togekiss to show how i draw togekiss
- artfight: my old icon of Silver saying you heckin spleen
- pokeheroes: my old icon of Silver saying you heckin spleen
- instagram: old doodle of Sutafi that's also on my sarahah
- old instagram: old doodle of a shine rowlet
- old giveaway instagram: old doodle of Sadiliyril from like mid 2016
- musically: a photo of a pikachu plush
- personal musically: drawing of a bunch of my side ocs on flipaclip
- discord: cherry blossom but gay
I like icons because my icon on every platform I own is different
so im on this cookie run server on discord sue me
and everyone there has a gay cookie run edit icon
and i got self conscious cause i didnt
so hi now my discord icon is a picture of cherry blossom but gay
sue me
sorry for talking shite about lgbt during gay awareness month 
i know im gonna get blocked/ reported by like everyone but idc-
but @ the lgbt people who complain about other people calling them invalid and then saying/ treating cishets as invalid
like i know its pride month i lov my gay friends but i also lov my cishet friends so like cHILL-
im gonna delet this later because i dont wanna start a kys was but i felt the strong need to say this-



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